against the flow of the river gintung

for a thin wallet, aka do not have much money. but want to enjoy the holidays, I have asuggestion if you try to explore the potential of your area, potential ordinary becomes special.
that day I have only $ 0.5. but I’m tired of sleeping, snoring, drool, at home … This is really like in prison.
that morning I tried out the house, with a camera and some money to buy a battery.
step by step my way through my village, hoping to find interesting things. then I met anold woman. hahaha …… okay not really old, just that he’s older than me, (she just graduated from college)
then my mind was racing …. ups (I mean, think hard).
then I said: “what if we visit kaliintung woods?”
she replied with confidence “… oh come on. my life has never been there, how muchbaseness I ….!!”
I said to myself “oh … hick ….. kakwakkwaw”
okay short stories, we begin the journey, but to make ordinary things become special,we are thinking to travel through the path of the river, so we call this activity “against the flow of the river gintung”
hoho ………
we start from here
we start from here

here it is, his name runtutsetia, while he would take off his pants, defecation. hihiih

I was a gifted photographer,,, hahaa 😀 arrogant

see the river flows. hoho ... do not expect to be pooping there ..

slow pace ....

This steep !!!

oh slippery

Masih Licin

time to climb

This is not me

oh no!!!!


at the end

Climb again

face manyun




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